Ever since it was founded in 1980, Dental X has had a very clear mission: to design and build extremely reliable and efficient products for sterilising medical and surgical equipment. Autoclaves and accessories that help dentists and their assistants to always ensure the highest levels of safety and hygiene in their practice, in full compliance with applicable international regulations.

The products’ technical and technological quality goes hand in hand with a typically Italian style of focus on their design, which hones in on creating technical and functional features. The class B dxp Domina autoclave – where dxp stands for Dental X Experience – is the most perfect example of this aptitude and these values, which are renowned throughout the world.

After being purchased in 2013 by the Japanese multinational Nakanishi Inc., a world leader in the production of rotary dental instruments, Dental X was strategically tasked with manufacturing the iClave Plus and iClave Mini autoclaves for the European and Japanese markets.

In 2019, Dental X became the Sales Division of NSK Dental Italy, a new branch created in Italy by the Japanese multinational. It represents the natural evolution of an almost 40-year long history of excellence, which makes the most of its solid network of partners that has been built up over time and shaped to guarantee a diligent sales service and the best technical assistance.

The brands Dental X and Domina, which are the embodiment of this great heritage, are still a key point of reference today for small steam sterilisers used within the dental and medical sectors.